Day: August 4, 2022

Overlay Toilet Tiles: The Advantages And DisadvantagesOverlay Toilet Tiles: The Advantages And Disadvantages

In the majority of homes, re-tiling toilet is a common sort of renovation. Although some people might view it as a laborious chore, it is often quite the opposite—especially when carried out by a dependable and skilled tile contractor. A creative method to update your toilet tiles without removing already-installed tiles is by overlaying them. It’s truly necessary to overlay toilet tiles.

What is the overlaying of tiles?

The procedure of introducing additional tiles over the previous flooring is known as “overlaying tiles,” and it is most frequently used on vinyl or tile flooring. Although overlaying thickens the flooring, the difference is typically not apparent.

The Advantages of overlaying the toilet tiles

  1. Time-saving
  • It takes less time to overlay than it does to hack and transmit the toilet tiles. The former flooring must be removed to hack, which is both time and money-consuming.
  1. Protection
  • Overlaying offers a layer of protection for the toilet flooring. It serves as a buffer over the original tiles, enhancing the flooring’s general toughness, and making the tiles leak-proof.
  1. Low price
  • In comparison to renewing, overlaying toilet tiles is less expensive and less time-consuming.

The disadvantages of tiling over the toilet tiles

  1. The state of old tiles
  • Don’t forget to inspect its condition before placing tile over your previous toilet flooring.Be careful, since placing new tiles on top of old, hollow, tiles could cause the new tiles to break and pop out.
  1. Uneven footing
  • You could experience tile problems like an uneven surface after covering your tiles if your previous tiles weren’t correctly put down.

Don’t forget to inspect tile condition before placing tile over your previous toilet flooring.Before adding an overlay to your toilet tiles, take into account how your previous tiles are currently holding up and consult a specialist.