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Reasons to use an external aquarium filter in your fish tank

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Aquarium filters are crucial to the proper functioning of the tanks. These eradicate any solid waste and all dissolved toxins in the water, keeping it clean and safe. Many people prefer internal filters because they are easy to install, compact in size, and affordable. However, these are not apt for all types of fish tanks. So, here are the reasons to opt for an external aquarium filter.

Issues with the internal filters

In most cases, whether internal filters would be good or not depends on the setup of the tank. These are small, meaning it has a lesser ability to filter out toxins and waste. So, these work for small tanks and 2-3 fish only. However, they do not do much for large aquariums with a big shoal of fish. Also, if a particular variety of fish excretes more waste, an internal filter would fail in that case too.

Reasons to buy an external aquarium filter

Here are the reasons to invest in an external aquarium filter.

  1. It works well for tanks with 25 gallons or a little higher capacity. However, one can use it for smaller tanks as well.
  2. The efficiency is high, meaning the fish would have a clean home.
  3. An external filter can hold a large amount of all the filter media. It means it requires less maintenance.
  4. It can remove all sorts of waste like dirt, floating debris, fish waste, dissolved toxins, etc., to keep the tank clean and safe.
  5. It also keeps the water clear and makes the aquarium look pretty.

So, the best thing one can do for their fish in a large tank is installed an external filter.

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