Food Sales Systems Shopping Synthetic Lifting Slings: What Are They And How To Use Them?

Synthetic Lifting Slings: What Are They And How To Use Them?

synthetic lifting slings

Lifting slings are heavy-duty industrial lifting devices that can be easily rigged to lift slightly heavy objects. These devices are generally used in high-tension environments. They are also commonly utilized in production processes distribution centers such as mine sites, manufacturing parks, scrap yards, and other locations where a lot of heavy machinery is situated. Read on to know more about synthetic lifting slings. 

What is a synthetic lifting sling?

A synthetic lifting sling is a device made of high tensed fabrics like polyester specially designed for high tension applications. By using an artificial lifting sling, you can avoid having to remove or bend the legs of your heavy equipment to get it to the top of the lift hill. This helps reduce the wear and tear on your hands and fingers and the equipment itself.

The main benefit of using a synthetic lifting sling is increased safety, versatility, and convenience.

Types of synthetic lifting slings

Synthetic lifting slings available in the market are mostly made of steel or a composite made of metal, plastic, and a few other materials. No standardization of tensile strength has been achieved among the various types of synthetic lifting slings. Some manufacturers use a higher tensile strength material in their lifting slings to increase their resistance to bending and deformation.

Bottom line

You should be aware that due to their weight, the slings can be challenging to move when required for heavy lifting. Another important consideration is the amount of equipment that can be lifted with a single sling. A heavier load can cause your hands to get cold and your fingers to get stiff. There are many pros to using a synthetic lifting sling, but the most popular is the added convenience of using it one at a time.

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